Expanding Access through Team Care

For many vulnerable people in California, the biggest obstacle to health is getting the care they need when they need it.

Thirteen healthcare organizations across California were selected to participate in the yearlong "Expanding Access through Team Care" program.  With the MacColl team providing technical assistance and partnering with Carolyn Shepherd, MD, the Center for Care Innovations, and Coleman Associates, the initiative is guiding participating clinics in achieving better primary care access.

We are providing a curriculum to participants around care team development and appointment access, focusing on ways clinics can redesign processes and team roles to distribute responsibilities typically delegated to providers. Participating organizations are addressing process redesign in topical areas such as referral management, self-management support, population management, prescription and refill management and behavioral health and social services integration.

The technical assistance consists of monthly webinars, in-person workshops, a peer learning network and ongoing measurement efforts.  To date, the program held two in-person workshops and six monthly webinars.   Recordings featuring Ed Wagner and their respective slide decks are now publicly available for those involved in practice transformation work. Topics include: launch of the program and its goals, use of our Team Guide, optimizing communication management, and task delegation/standing orders.

"Expanding Access through Team Care" is funded by Blue Shield of California Foundation.