More than twenty years ago, our team embarked on the mission of transforming the health care system.  Our earliest work was the dissemination of the Chronic Care Model, a framework for shifting the health system from reactive care to a planned, proactive approach.  In the current climate, shifting industry focus from volume to value has become a central challenge.  Our founding mission remains strong as we now seek to provide a clear signal to the health care industry that providers and leaders must be woven into the transformation process.

Most simplistically defined as better outcomes for patients, in health care, value centers on patients.    Instead of value, health care stakeholders are currently all too often driven by goals like access to services, profitability, cost containment, safety, convenience, and patient satisfaction.  These goals are sometimes referred to as volume.  The metric for value has become “how many?”, and it needs to shift to “how well?”

Over the next year, Supporting Provider Engagement in Improving Value in Health Care will identify promising, evidence-based strategies for obtaining health care provider buy-in, motivating behavior change, and providing support and infrastructure to assist them in the major changes needed to improve value in health care.

Project activities include a literature review that presents the best social science evidence on provider engagement; the creation of a compendium of strategies, tools, and approaches to involve providers in creating value; a social media listening scan of the current state of the national conversation on health care providers’ engagement in improving value in health care; and a capstone summit to discuss results.

Supporting Provider Engagement in Improving Value in Health Care is a one-year program supported by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Event Date: 
Tue, 05/12/2015