We’re exploring the synergy between implementation science and quality improvement practice in health care.

And you can help us by sharing your ideas of influential or impactful individuals or organizations working in this space!

Our goal is to explore how these two fields might work together to accelerate improvements in patient health and to better support clinicians and organizations to integrate evidence into their care. We would like to identify and reach out to individuals, organizations or entities that are working to advance both health outcomes and the science of implementation.

Please tell us about influential or impactful entities that are:

  • Working to improve patient health through translation of research or evidence into practice;
  • Examining what influences outcomes; and/or
  • Designing, testing, evaluating, and refining implementation approaches or strategies.

We’re particularly interested in groups that are working across multiple health care settings and share non-proprietary findings through trainings, websites or the like. 

Please drop us a note by June 30th with your favorite groups or people working in this special in-between space. 

We’d love to learn from you!  Thank you in advance for your help,

Cara C. Lewis, PhD, Scientific Investigator, Kaiser Permanente WA Health Research Institute >> contact Cara
Katie Coleman, MSPH, Director, Learning Health System Program, Kaiser Permanente WA Health Research Institute >> contact Katie

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Event Date: 
Thu, 06/06/2019