A special November 2014 supplement to the journal Medical Care describes the progress and lessons learned from the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative (SNMHI). The nine papers are authored by members of the MaColl team, as well as SNMHI staff and contributors across the country. This Initiative taught us so much about caring for Medicaid and other low-income patients, and produced a library of tested implementation guides and tools to improve primary care practice—in the safety net and beyond. 

About the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative:  In partnership with Qualis Health, the MacColl team led the largest and most rigorous initiative to date to spread the patient-centered medical home model to safety net practices. Supported by The Commonwealth Fund, this five-year, 65-site, multi-state effort demonstrated a replicable, sustainable implementation model to transform primary care safety net practices into medical home that have benchmark performance in quality, efficiency, and patient experience.

We hope you will visit the SNMHI website to examine these materials.  They are organized around eight Change Concepts, informed by the experience of Initiative staff and teams as well as reviewers and contributors across the US.  All resources are publicly available and free of cost.




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Thu, 10/16/2014