We are thrilled to announce that our colleague Katie Coleman, MSPH, has been named director of the Kaiser Permanente WA (KPWA) Learning Health System (LHS) Program. Katie will guide the LHS Program in leveraging Kaiser Permanente Health Research Institute's (KPWHRI) research capabilities to help KPWA meet its strategic goals related to quality, service, growth, and affordability.

Katie’s new position as LHS Program director reflects her long-standing commitment to improving health and health care for communities within the United States and around the world. As a research associate at MacColl, Katie has spent many years devoted to helping health systems and safety net clinics across the country improve the health of the people they serve. In particular, her work has focused on bringing evidence-based strategies to real-world clinics who are doing the hard work of primary care transformation.

Katie will continue to lead our work to improve care in safety net clinics, which includes the Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net. She will also continue working with our team on initiatives supporting team-based care and social determinants of health screening and intervention. Since the early days of developing the LHS Program, Katie has been central to its evolution. She's cultivated partnerships between research and care delivery, and her expertise in quality improvement, patient engagement, evaluation, and program design make her a uniquely valuable asset to the LHS Program, the MacColl team, and KPWHRI.

Please join us in congratulating Katie on this important and exciting achievement.

Event Date: 
Mon, 08/06/2018