Primary care practices across the country are shifting to a team-based model of care, prompting the peer-reviewed journal Families, Systems, & Health to devote a full issue to exploring what works when transitioning from a physician-driven culture of patient care to team-based care. Nine articles tackle thorny implementation questions: How does an organization measure effective teamwork? What kind of positions and practices are needed to support a change in the way a team works together? Dr. Thomas Bodenheimer and Dr. Amireh Ghorob examined 29 primary care practices across the country and identified consistent factors in successfully implementing team-based care, including best practices for staffing ratios, re-defining workflow, and skills development.  Read the journal » 

The Primary Care Team Guide is an online tool that helps primary care practices build high functioning teams. This leads to better care, and healthier and happier patients and staff. Developed by the MacColl Center, the Team Guide is based on the innovative approaches of 31 outstanding primary care practices from across the country.

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Tue, 12/08/2015