Medical Care publishes Safety Net Medical Home Initiative lessons

A special November 2014 supplement to the journal Medical Care describes the progress and lessons learned from the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative (SNMHI). The nine papers are authored by members of the MaColl team, as well as SNMHI staff and contributors across the country. This Initiative taught us so much about caring for Medicaid and other low-income patients, and produced a library of tested implementation guides and tools to improve primary care practice—in the safety net and beyond. 

Meet Our Team: Harkness Fellow Paul Burgess, MD

Caring for Australia's Aboriginal Communities

Paul Burgess, MD has joined the MacColl Center as a  2014-2015 Commonwealth Fund Harkness Fellow from Australia.  We are delighted to be collaborating with Paul for the next year.

Meet Our Team: Sherry Lee Lauf

MacColl Business Manager Sherry Lee Lauf talks about streamlining research administration processes

Getting big data

Summer 2014 Update: Connecting with communities

Those of us at MacColl who were lucky enough to participate in our PCT-LEAP project’s site visit process had the opportunity to spend the best part of a week getting to know the teams that worked at 30 busy primary care practices around the country.  The luxury of time gave us a chance to do more than meet in conference rooms, we were able to attend team meetings and shadow not only providers and staff but also patients from the moment they arrived at the clinic to get a “c

April 2014 Director's Update: The Medical Neighborhood

Last month I attended the Complexity of Care in Primary Care Practices Conference convened by Western Washington University in Bellingham, a town 90 miles from Seattle.   The MacColl Center has through the years enjoyed strong relationships with Bellingham provider teams, as much due to their innovative practices as our close physical proximity.

March 2014 Director's Update: The MacColl Symposium

On January 31, 2014, the MacColl Center hosted its first Symposium, supported by the Group Health Foundation's Ed Wagner Endowment for Health Care Transformation.  Primary Health Extension Programs: Current Models & Future Directions  featured guest speakers Craig Jones, MD of the Vermont Blueprint for Health, Art Kaufman, MD from the University of New Mexico and Lyndee Knox from the Los Angeles Practice-Based Research and Resource Network.

Emerging Leaders Share Primary Care Innovations

MacColl's PCT-LEAP Emerging Leaders Program provides leadership development and mentoring to selected primary care staff members from PCT-LEAP sites, supporting them in becoming effective drivers of change in their own communities, as well as role models for successfully envisioning and creating rewarding health care careers. 

February 2014 Director’s Update: The Global Reach of MacColl

It’s a fact: the global burden of disease has shifted from infectious to chronic.   The leading causes of death and disability around the world have changed from communicable diseases in children to non-communicable diseases in adults.  Heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes are on the rise in all regions except sub-Saharan Africa.  If HIV/AIDS is considered a chronic infectious disease – as is increasingly the case – the tipping point becomes an avalanche.