Tuesday, November 1, 2016

The effectiveness of diabetes care hinges on both outstanding medical care and on diabetes self-management (DSM). To support DSM, researchers at Stanford University developed the Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP). With funding from the Washington State Attorney General, researchers at the MacColl Center and Group Health Research Institute supported the startup of three new eastern Washington DSMP programs in English and Spanish:  Community Choice in Wenatchee, Inland Northwest Health Services in Spokane, and the Benton-Franklin Health District in Tri-Cities.  

A persistent challenge with such grant-funded programs is its transitory nature. Great time and effort are spent developing successful programs, which may then be disbanded if funding cannot be maintained. Anticipating this challenge, researchers organized an invitational sustainability conference, Sustaining the Diabetes Self-Management Program, held in April 2016. Assembling a diverse audience of stakeholders, this event explored strategies for sustainability of diabetes and other self-management programs at the local and statewide levels.  

"Sustaining the Diabetes Self-Management Program: Report from an Invitational Conference sponsored by Group Health Research Institute"  outlines the themes that emerged from the conference.