MacColl Center is leading a groundbreaking examination of the components of high functioning primary care teams. The Primary Care Team: Learning from Effective Ambulatory Practices (the LEAP project) is observing the hands-on procedures and innovations of 30 primary care practices in rural and urban areas within 22 states. As of August 2013 our team has visited two thirds of the practices, which are diverse in structure—FQHCs, private practices, academic medical centers, rural health clinics, nurse managed and those embedded in larger integrated health systems. These exemplars are using health professionals and staff in ways that maximize patient access to their services and ensure patient-centered care.

As we complete the site visits we are organizing the innovations into a curriculum, and we will be sharing that via a web-based learning platform in 2014.  We hope to test the platform with new a set of practices who want to incorporate innovations in their own organization later in the year.

Resource: More information on the LEAP project can be found on RWJF’s website here.