Certified peer support demonstrated depression recovery in long-term study

People with chronic or recurrent depression can be hard to reach. But they benefited significantly on various outcome measures from a self-management support program that included regular outreach care management and a self-care group with a combined behavioral and recovery-oriented approach—and the addition of certified peer counsellors to the service.

Welcome Nicole Van Borkulo

We're pleased to announce that Nicole Van Borkulo has joined the MacColl Center as a research associate.

LEAP Team Guide showcased in London

The belief that the healthcare workforce needs to be planned and delivered as close to the patient as possible is one shared by many around the world.  Achieving this is no small task.  It means having the right people with the right skills, attitudes and behaviors in the right place at the right time in the right numbers across an entire country as personnel become increasingly mobile.

From Volume to Value: Engaging Providers

More than twenty years ago, our team embarked on the mission of transforming the health care system.  Our earliest work was the dissemination of the Chronic Care Model, a framework for shifting the health system from reactive care to a planned, proactive approach.  In the current climate, shifting industry focus from volume to value has become a central challenge.  Our founding mission remains strong as we now seek to provide a clear signal to the health care industry that providers and leaders must be woven into the transformation process.

Implementing Innovations Program: Not more ‘business as usual’

“Until research is relevant to and used by practicing clinicians to improve the care they deliver, we have failed our most important stakeholder:  the patient.” – Michael Parchman, MD, MPH

In health care research, scientific discovery all too often leads to an article published in a professional journal – and it stops there. It has been estimated that it takes an average of 17 years for just 14% of new scientific discoveries to enter daily clinical practice. 1