Partnering to Succeed: How small health centers can improve care and thrive under value-based payment

 “Partnering to Succeed: How Small Health Centers Can Improve Care and Thrive Under Value Based Payment,” is a California Health Care Foundation report developed in partnership with JSI Research & Training Institute outlining the core features and strategies small health centers need to flourish while providing great care in a changing, value-based health care environment. 

Measuring the impact of patient-engaged research

While strategies to evaluate the influence of engaging patient partners in research are beginning to emerge, a systematic set of measures for assessing the impact of patient engagement in research (PER) on study approaches and outcomes is lacking. Existing measures skew more toward measuring the process of engagement and less toward measuring downstream outcomes of patient-partner engagement in all phases of research.

Ed Wagner talks about The Medical Neighborhood

"The Medical Neighborhood: What is beginning to work, and what isn't" traces the last 25 years of the MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation's work in primary care quality improvement, and leaves us with recommendations for moving forward. This was MacColl Center Director (Emeritus) Ed Wagner;s last seminar before his retirement in June 2017. (June 29, 2017 Seattle WA.)

Farewell from Ed Wagner as he retires

Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am writing to let you know that In June 2017 I will be retiring from Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute's MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation.

5 principles for making measurement more patient-centered

Effective measurement is key to better care, better health, and lower costs across the health care system. In a high-performing system, it drives progress towards safe, effective, efficient, timely, equitable, and patient-centered care. Measurement helps identify areas for improvement, evaluates what works, promotes accountability, and informs how health care is paid for.