6 habits for finding joy in work

Experiencing joy in clinical practice and helping mitigate provider burnout has long been a research topic of interest at MacColl. Judith Schaefer, MPH, Senior Research Associate departed for her well-deserved retirement in October 2018, leaving us with ways that she found joy in her work.

1. Focus on what matters to you

What matters to you matters to you. Sometimes it’s right in front of your face and you don’t have to look for it. Focusing on what matters will give your work meaning. Your work will be deeper because it has meaning for you

Katie Coleman to direct the KP Learning Health System Program

We are thrilled to announce that our colleague Katie Coleman, MSPH, has been named director of the Kaiser Permanente WA (KPWA) Learning Health System (LHS) Program. Katie will guide the LHS Program in leveraging Kaiser Permanente Health Research Institute's (KPWHRI) research capabilities to help KPWA meet its strategic goals related to quality, service, growth, and affordability.

Partnering to Succeed: How small health centers can improve care and thrive under value-based payment

 “Partnering to Succeed: How Small Health Centers Can Improve Care and Thrive Under Value Based Payment,” is a California Health Care Foundation report developed in partnership with JSI Research & Training Institute outlining the core features and strategies small health centers need to flourish while providing great care in a changing, value-based health care environment. 

Measuring the impact of patient-engaged research

While strategies to evaluate the influence of engaging patient partners in research are beginning to emerge, a systematic set of measures for assessing the impact of patient engagement in research (PER) on study approaches and outcomes is lacking. Existing measures skew more toward measuring the process of engagement and less toward measuring downstream outcomes of patient-partner engagement in all phases of research.