Monday, November 20, 2017

Knowing how well you’re doing is the cornerstone of quality improvement (QI.)  Getting that information about health care providers and staff depends on having the right tools.  Co-authored by Cara Lewis, this publication provides guidance on what to consider when developing health care QI measures.  Created with input given by international behavioral health agency stakeholders, these guidelines can help ensure that new tools for measuring quality are efficient and relevant to daily clinical practice.

B. J. Powell, C. F. Stanick, H. M. Halko, C. N. Dorsey, B. J. Weiner, M. A. Barwick, L. J. Damschroder, M. Wensing, L. Wolfenden and C. C. Lewis. (2017). Toward criteria for pragmatic measurement in implementation research and practice: a stakeholder-driven approach using concept mapping. Implement Sci, 12(1), 118.