February 2014 Director’s Update: The Global Reach of MacColl

It’s a fact: the global burden of disease has shifted from infectious to chronic.   The leading causes of death and disability around the world have changed from communicable diseases in children to non-communicable diseases in adults.  Heart disease, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes are on the rise in all regions except sub-Saharan Africa.  If HIV/AIDS is considered a chronic infectious disease – as is increasingly the case – the tipping point becomes an avalanche.

2014 MacColl Center Symposium

On January 31st, we hosted the first annual MacColl Center Symposium in Seattle.  Featuring guest speaker Craig Jones, MD, of the Vermont Blueprint for Health, the event brought a panel of national experts and a select group of participants together to explore ways that primary health extension programs may serve as a framework to support better care throughout our state. 

PCT-LEAP Emerging Leaders chosen for leadership training and mentorship

The MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation selected 19 outstanding individuals for participation in the year-long Emerging Leaders program.  The Leaders were nominated from exemplary primary care practices across the US  and represent a diversity of clinical roles including physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and quality improvement profressionals.  Participants were selected based on their demonstrated commitment to quality and enthusiastic recommendations from their colleagues.

New Staffing Models for Primary Care

This WIHI "talk show" webinar from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement focuses on some of the workforce innovations observed by the PCT-LEAP project team. Listen to the archived webinar.

Learning from Exemplary Practices

Our study of primary care workforce innovations is yielding insights into new ways to deliver high quality care.